Thursday, April 24, 2014

Confetti Almond Traditions

Confetti almonds; a reminder that life is both sweet and bitter.

The origin of offering favours to guests attending weddings date as far back as the Roman Empire. Confection sugar was non existent at the time, so the confetti were prepare back then with honey. The custom of offering confetti candy at ceremonial events, strongly implanted in European countries, continued from generation to generation, and finally found its way to North America.

The bittersweet taste of a fresh almond, combine with the sweet sugar-coat are offered in hope that newlywed's life will be sweeter than bitter. Customarily, five confetti almonds are offered for each guest to eat. Each one represent a wish for the newlywed; health, wealth, happiness, fertility and a long life. 

The number five, an odd number that cannot be divide by two, signify that for a life long together, newlyweds must share everything, and stand undivided.

Tradition of colours:
White for Weddings
Silver for 25th Wedding Anniversaries
Gold for 50th Wedding Anniversaries
Green for Engagement Parties
Pink and Blue for Baptisms
Red for Graduations

The tradition of offering confetti almonds is still very strong today but with a slight variance. Very often, colours are now chosen according to personal preferences, or to match the colour theme of an event. As a token of appreciation for the guests, confetti almonds are now being offered at; bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, confirmations, first communions, and even corporate launching events.

The favours are available in an assortment of colours such as white, ivory, pink, blue, peach, green, lilac, red, black, silver, and gold. The silver and gold confetti almonds are available either with a mirror-like finish, or foil wrapped. The foil wrapped version, much healthier, reveals a white almond inside. You must also beware of the quality of your almonds. Poor quality confetti has a very thick coat of sugar, and only a small fragment of almond. The shape will usually be round rather than elegantly oval shaped, and the colour will be yellowish tone instead of pure white.  

Also available in white, pink, and blue, are the heart shaped dark chocolate filled confetti. Very European, they are quite tasty and are a great choice if you like to integrate tradition with a modern twist into your special event.